Meet Mrs Prigg


Hey, there friend, 

I’m Riana.

I’m a freelance wedding planner, self-development obsessor and coach, writer and keen lover of putting pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard), devoted Christian and abundantly blessed wife to the handsomely tall and hazel-eyed Caleb (aka Mr Prigg) who lives in Melbourne, Australia and is currently completing the final year of a bachelor degree in business.

Right now my life looks a little something like a break from university studies, a kitchen bench covered in jars of fermenting cultures; a wardrobe that consists mostly of activewear and plants, lots and lots of beautiful indoor plants. It’s full of mini yoga sessions and glasses of water kefir, moody background music, creating and baking and always lots of chats and laughter around the kitchen table with beautiful whānau.

MrsPrigg is the foundation of many platforms, one being MrsPrigg Weddings, my freelance wedding planning and management side hustle and my cup filler. There’s also MrsPrigg Journal where I happily blog out all my little experiences so that their beauty can be harnessed by others, and there’s MrsPrigg in Person where I get to speak to large groups of people from people of different ages, cultures, beliefs and backgrounds, sharing my journey and experiences as well as tools and frameworks for personal development and growth.

I’m so passionate about cultivating community and through MrsPrigg I aim to foster a community of women who seek to grow deeper, serve well and love more. Thank’s for popping past and welcome to the whanau!

xo Mrs Prigg